luonteen piirre on äänien käyttäytyminen

luonne on sitoutumaton, mutta sidoksissa kaikkeen

luonne värähdyttää ilmaa jota hengität
luonne vibrates the air you breath

freedom and timelessness, vintage and modern,
electronic and acoustic, intuitivity and exploration...

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Around May-June 2005

Marko and Janne meet at Marko's place. At some point the attention is directed to the available instruments. Janne picks up the Yamaha CS-05 starts playing. An idea is put forward about plugging Marko's guitar to the input of the analogue synth. The combined output of the synth and the guitar is then fed into a simple Roland amplifier with built-in delay effects..

This marks the first time Marko and Janne have ever played together although they had been friends for many years. There is some off-handed discussion about forming a band, but no decisions are made. A week later Marko calls Janne and conveys his wish about pushing this thing really forward. Janne is all for it, and both start to think about possible venues. The core idea is to play together only at gigs, no rehearsals, and there wouldn't be a definitive band but a collective of people, who would participate if they wished to.

A week or two later Janne happened to met an organizer of the event 'Mökki', who also worked as a volunteer chauffeur, at the Sodankylä Film Festival. Mökki as a freeform and uncommercial festival sounded really the place where the band would play the first gig.

The band didn't have a name yet though. Janne was travelling away from his place of residence for one weekend, and decided to come up with the name by the end of it. He took a pen and a piece of paper and begun to note all kind of interesting words and combinations during the weekend. Nothing really felt like the name for the project.. On Sunday on a bus that took Janne back home he lapsed into a thought about the natures and characters of people - the abstract concept of describing the way people are in interaction with(in) their realities. The images of interacting beings, both animals or humans, flowed before Janne's mind's eye in a symbolic and vibrative fashion. Then the Finnish word for nature and character itself got his attention, and he wondered what could be the origin of such word..

He kept thinking about the word and repeated it in his mind for several times until he realized this is the name: Luonne. He sent a text message to Marko about it, first pondering to send a few choices but finally just sent the one that just came up because he felt strongly it was the right one. Marko responded 'perfect', and the project was christened..